critical thinking about digital learning

Resources: online learning

Resources developed for a variety of workshops, with feedback from teaching staff and developers (thank you). Last updated Jan 2021.
Adding infographics and googledoc versions as I get to them.

Tips for teaching online pdf of the whole set

Online session types pdf
Sessions and activities you can run online with different timeframes, platforms and group formats

Supporting learners online pdf
Community building and knowledge building online, and some research on how online learners succeed

Supporting diverse students pdf
Some overlap with other resources, this looks specifically at student diversity, digital disadvantage, and basics of accessibility and inclusion online

Digital study skills pdf
A more detailed look at this aspect of supporting students online

Educational media pdf
Choosing and working with different media for learning, some tips on developing your own if you have the resources and the interest to do it

Research into online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic pdf

Online teaching skills check pdf
Think about your own skills and development needs – or customise this list for your own team or organisation